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Portable Power Station

3000W Outdoor Camping Portable Power Station

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Portable mobile power supply which integrates portable energy storage power supply system with multiple functional modes. The product has built-in high-efficiency 32700 lithium iron phosphate cell, safe battery BMS management system and high-efficiency energy conversion circuit, which can be placed indoors or in cars. And can be used as home, office, outdoor emergency backup power supply. Charging can choose mains electricity or solar power to charge the product, without external adapter, the product is directly connected to the mains power supply, charg

1) IEC62133 lithium battery product safety requirements.

2) UL1642 lithium battery pack safety requirements.

3) UL2743 portable power pack safety requirements.

4) EN55022 electromagnetic compatibility related.

5) IEC60950-1:2005+A1:2009+A2:2013 safety standards.

6) UN38.3 safety requirements for transport of lithium battery products international maritime dangerous goods code.

7) Ambient temperature: -10℃—45℃, humidity: 60±20%RH, air pressure 86 ~ 106 KPa.


WhatsApp & WeChat: +8613868719385

Phone: +8613868719385

Tel: +86 577 27880251

Email: energy@meiyuyuan.com

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