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What technologies are used for solar panels

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Solar panels are a device that converts solar energy into electrical energy and can be applied in many fields. The following are some of the main technologies used in solar panels:

Photovoltaic power generation technology: This is the most basic application technology of solar panels. By converting solar energy into direct current and then converting it into alternating current through an inverter, power can be supplied to household, enterprise, and other electrical equipment.

Energy storage: due to the instability and discontinuity of solar energy, excess energy needs to be stored for emergencies. Energy storage includes battery, compressed air energy storage, hydraulic energy storage, etc.

Intelligent control technology: In order to improve the efficiency and stability of solar panels, it is necessary to use intelligent control technology to monitor and adjust their operating status. These technologies include intelligent Battery management system, intelligent controller, etc.

Photothermal conversion technology: In addition to photovoltaic power generation technology, solar panels can also be used for photothermal conversion. This technology can directly convert the energy of solar radiation into thermal energy for use in heating or hot water.

Polycrystalline silicon material technology: Polycrystalline silicon is currently one of the most commonly used materials for solar panels. Its manufacturing process is complex, but it has high Solar-cell efficiency and stability.



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